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Predicting the Winners and Losers

I've had a good record of picking many of the best new technologies. I plan on sharing my thoughts and will explain the reasons for my predictions with as much detail as possible. I will also share my thoughts on products "I think" should be successful along with technology I expect to fail or hope will fail. You can be sure any reviews will be honest and not because I'm paid off.

  • My best known prediction called for a complete change in my life and future. I was invited to join a small group of innovators who were convinced we could make going online as easy as using a TV or telephone. We knew once a modem became standard equipment on home computers they wouldn't be turn off as often. American Online provided the 'critical mass' needed to make a diverse World Wide Web possible.

  • As we started the new year of 2007 I wrote about the future of "Solid State Drives" or "Flash" memory. At the time a simple Compact Flash with 2 GB's of memory cost $50 USD. Today, for the same 50 bucks you can get a faster, USB Solid State Drive with 256 GB's.

  • I wasn't a genious to realize there would be a need for more security when I created WinPatrol in 1997. The PC Pitstop newsletter pointed to, tThe research company Gartner Inc. who estimates 96 billion USD will be spent in 2018 on identity access management and security services. I was the first to stop relying on signiture files and detect infiltrations based on changes to critical system locations.

  • Alexa

    I have mentioned in other pages my respect for Amazon's Alexa platform. I am pleased when I have an opportunity to explain why Alexa isn't an app like Siri or Google's Home Assistant. It won't be another PC vs Mac battle ground. I am already finding killer apps that utilize Alexa and I continue to acknowledge that Alexa is the first technology to change my daily life since I discovered my first TiVo.


    I am no fan of software or firmware that automatically updates itself. I will be writing more on a future solution I will be sharing but for now you can read why I have such strong feelings.

  • 2006-03-13 AutoUpdates are Evil!
  • 2006-08-16 Another Bad Update
  • 2006-10-13 Update causes OLMAPI32.dll error
  • 2007-05-05 Auto Update programs running all the time
  • 2006-04-16 Microsoft Security Update Problems
  • 2010-04-21 Auto Update Kills Computers Again

    By far the scariest updates may come to our automobiles.
    2017-12-17 Detroit News: Connected cars update like smartphones

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