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2017 - December

As the cold winter arrives in the north east I am happy to stay warm at home searching for new technology and projects. This is the time of year when we've seen all the new products looking for a place under a Christmas tree.

I've been enjoying my Amazon Alexa devices and remain amazed at the possibilities. I look forward to using the Alexa communication features once Santa gives new devices to friends and family. Lately, when I visit a new Alexa owner I teach them about all the free prime music by instructing, "Alexa... play Dominick the Christmas Donkey."

As someone dealing with disabilities, Alexa is a must-have device. Combine it with a friendly, programmable app like IFTTT and you have a "comfort device." I frequently use the Alexa timer function and by hooking it up with IFTTT I can flash multiple colors from my LIFX LED light in the hallway.

Click to open ifttt.com
IFTTT is changing the way people interact with technology by helping them get the most out of their favorite products and services.
See how to use your Lifx bulbs with ITFFF
LIFX works seamlessly with other industry leaders such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Nest & Google Home.

2017 - November

Now in retirement, the time has come to upgrade the BillP Studios web presence and provide a location full of some amazing technology. I will continue to share my thoughts on technology, new and old. The blog software I had been using hasn't improved and BillP.com will be a good place to keep my friends and/or fans updated.

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