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December 21, 2000


Play-Along Game,Live Stats, Instant Polling, Prizes To Be Featured;
Enhanced TV Viewers Have Opportunity To Win 2001 Ford Escape

Walt Disney Internet Group (NYSE:DIG) and ABC Television will produce an Enhanced TV telecast of the 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl game on Wednesday, January 3, 2001 pitting top-ranked and undefeated Oklahoma against second-ranked and defending national champion Florida State.The FedEx Orange Bowl Enhanced TV telecast can be accessed on game night beginning at 8 p.m. ET via

Ford is the presenting sponsor of the Enhanced TV telecast, and a 2001 Ford Escape will be the prize in a special sweepstakes open only to Enhanced TV viewers that evening.†† Viewers register to enter the sweepstakes upon logging on to Enhanced TV that evening, and can gain additional entries by correctly answering the Ford Bonus Trivia Questions during, and about, the Ford commercials airing within the traditional ABC telecast.

Enhanced TV content is highly interactive, produced from a live control room, and offers interactive viewers numerous customized programming options while they watch the traditional telecast.†† Walt Disney Internet Group & ABC Televisionís Enhanced TV programming has been available for every ABC and ESPN primetime NFL game telecast this season, and is also produced in conjunction with ABCís ďWho Wants To Be A Millionaire and special events.

††††††††††† Features of Walt Disney Internet Group & ABC Televisionís Enhanced TV FedEx Orange Bowl telecast include:

         PrimeTime Player, an exclusive, live, interactive game enabling fans to compete against family, friends and other viewers throughout the country during the actual ABC Sports telecast; a live Leaderboard will track quarterly winners and a Halftime Trivia game winner, and a PrimeTime Player referee sends out topical messages in real time before and after each play from scrimmage;

         Live Stats, a continuously updated, real-time interactive database of game, player and team statistics originating from the production truck on-site at each game;

         A ďPush ChannelĒ of enhanced graphics, game freeze frames, live polls, and trivia, which automatically appear on the usersí computer screen, instantly and synchronized to the telecast; approximately 3,000 different fact/stat graphics are being created prior to the game, and the Enhanced TV production team will use proprietary tools to create and air new graphic files ďon the flyĒ during the game based on the action on the field;

         Real-time polling engines allowing viewers to answer questions posted by the TV announcers and see their responses graphically presented live on television;

         A registration system allowing all Enhanced TV users to choose their own leaderboard name, engage in live chat with other PrimeTime Player gamers, and become eligible for PrimeTime Player prizes.


ABCís Enhanced TV programming is neither a television experience nor an Internet experience, but truly both at the same time -- the first step towards in-home convergence programming.Anyone with a personal computer, connected to the Internet via 28.8 modem or better, will have access to the Enhanced TV programming applications.Itís accessible only during the telecast and designed to be complimentary to the telecast, so a computer and TV in the same room is ideal. Direct access to all ETV programming through

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